How to perceive Universal Reality


If you would like to develope, syntonize, connect, awaken and develop universal awareness, which shall allow you to perceive all the frequencies of Universal Reality unknown to science and man, we invite you to contact us.  We offer all the necesarry methods and knowledge for man to become a Universal Human Being.

You shall be able to separate from your body and choose to go to the future,to the past, anywhere present, contact Universal Entities of light, contact those that are living in other frequencies and much much more.

Please understand, there is a great responsibility in sharing and receiving this new universal knowledge, therefore we shall ask you to develop and practice the universal principles we share in our courses and practices, which we offer and transmitted “online”  to members  of BioUniversal Guide, who receive, develop and share with others, these practices and new knowledge for man to become a Universal Human Being.

Center Of Human Development


Our non profit organization in Mexico